GSoC Week 12

05 Aug 2016

This week my main work was on Featherstone’s articulated body algorithm. I started by prototyping what I thought his algorith might look like in python code (the algorithm was pulled from chapter 7 of his book). With the passes prototyped it was apparent that I would need a full description of the kinematic tree and so I prototyped the building of the kinematic tree from a single “base” body. I then went on to see what it would look like if the kinematic tree was built during the first pass of his articulated body algorithm and decided that keeping the two separate would result in cleaner code.

With the three passes prototyped and the kinematic tree built I started digging into Featherstone’s book to better determine the definition of each of the variables in the algorithm. While doing this I ended up reading a second source where Featherstone describes the articulated body algorithm and it was helpful in furthering my understanding of the algorithm as it was a condensed summary. I then compared the written version of the algorith in his book and this article with the two matlab versions he has posted online and the python version her provides a link for online. This helped me see where some terms he includes in his book he doesn’t include in his code. It also helped me to see what code for the algorithm might look like.

After working on the mock up of the passes and trying to better understand them, I switched focus to the joint code that needs to be finished so that it can be used in my implementation of the articulated body algorithm. This has lead to some confusion about the design decisions that were made in the past when putting together the joint code and this is the current stage I am sitting at as I await feedback on some of my questions.

This week I also looked over a couple of documentation PR’s. One was a simple matter of fixing some indentation and seems mostly ready to merge but the second turned some docstrings into raw strings so they could add latex math code. I don’t know what the general stance is on the latter but I’m of the opinion that the docstrings should be human readable since people may actually look through the code for them or hope that help(function) provides something useful. In this case the latex math code is cluttered and would be better off in .rst files where people are only going to be reading the rendered version. On that PR I am awaiting response from someone with sympy to see if this is indeed prefered.

Future Directions

Hopefully I’ll recieve some feedback about the joints and Featherstone’s method so I can keep moving forward with these. In the mean time there are a few other bits of code I will need to complete that the algorithm uses that is not directly related to my questions. If I finish these tasks before recieving feedback I will move forward with changing the joint code as I think would be best.

PR’s and Issues

  • (Open) [WIP] Added to physics/mechanics PR #11431
  • (Open) Intendation fixes – sympy/concrete/ PR #11473
  • (Open) Adjustments to Legendre, Jacobi symbols docstrings PR #11474
  • (Open) [WIP] FeatherstonesMethod PR #11415


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