GSoC Week 11

29 Jul 2016

Somehow I think I was off by a week. I think last week’s blog post covers week 9 and 10 and this week’s covers week 11. This week I created a full draft for all components of the SymbolicSystem class that will take the place of a equations of motion generator “base class” that was discussed in my project proposal. I began by creating all of the docstrings for the class followed by the test code. With the documentation and test code written it was a simple matter to finish off the code for the class itself. Lastly I added documentation to two places in sympy, one place contains the autogenerated documentation from the docstrings and the other place I adapted an example from pydy to show how to use the new class.

After working on SymbolicSystem I decided to try to finish off an old PR of mine regarding the init_printing code that Jason and I had discussed at Scipy. The idea was to build separate dictionaries to pass to the different printers in ipython based on the parameters that the specific printers take. The idea was to find this information using inspect.getargs(). The problem arose when trying to implement this solution because each separate printer has an expr argument and a **settings argument and the different possible paramters are processed internally by the printer. This means that there would not be an elegant way to build dictionaries for each printer.

The next thing I worked on this week was looking into Jain’s version of the order(N) method as suggested last week. When I started looking over his book, however, I found that uses a rather different set of notion than Featherstone and had some additional terms. I have decided to move forward with Featherstone’s method due to the summer coming to an end and I am already familiar with his version of the method. To that end I reread the first part of chapter 7 in Featherstone’s book where he discusses the articulated body method.

I reviewed two PR’s this week. This work was rather quick as they were simply documentation additions. I verified the method docstrings matched what the mehtod actually does and that the modual docstring included the different functions present in the file. Determining that they were correct I gave the +1 to merge and they have both since been merged.

Future Directions

The plan for next week is to focus entirely on the order(N) articulated body method of forming the equations of motion. I plan on writing the three passes for the method as if I have all of the information and methods I need in order to make it work. I expect this to be the best way to determine what additional code I will need in addition to finding my weak points in how well I understand the method. Once I have a skeleton of the of how the algorithm is supposed to work I will stop working directly on the algorithm itself and start working on the peripheral code such as the joints and body code or spatial vector processing methods.

PR’s and Issues

  • (Open) [WIP] Added to physics/mechanics PR #11431
  • (Merged) Added docstrings to delta and mid property methods PR #11432
  • (Merged) Added top-level docstring for PR #11440


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