GSoC Week 8 & 9

22 Jul 2016

Last week I did not end up writing a blog post and so I am combining that week’s post with this week. Last week I attended the SciPy 2016 conference and was able to meet my mentor, and many other contributers to SymPy, in person. I was also able to help out with the Pydy tutorial. During this time at the conference (and this current week) I was able to flesh out the remaining details on the different portions of the project. I have updated PR #353 to reflect the api decisions for SymbolicSystem (previously eombase.EOM).

In line with trying to put the finishing touches on implementation details before diving in to code, Jason and I met with someone who has actually implemented the algorithm in the past to help us with details surrounding Featherstone’s method. He also pointed me to a different description of the same algorithm that may be easier to implement.

This week I also worked on rewriting the docstrings in physics/mechanics/ because I found the docstrings currently there to be somewhat confusing. I also did a review on one of Jason’s PR’s where he reduces the amount of work that *method.rhs() has to do when inverting the mass matrix by pulling out the kinematical information before the inversion takes place.

Future Directions

With the work these past two weeks being focused on implementing the different parts of the projects, I will start implementing these various parts next week. I will first work on finishing off the SymbolicSystem object and then move towards implementing the OrderNMethod. This work should be very straight forward with all the work that has been put into planning the api’s.

PR’s and Issues

  • (Merged) Speeds up the linear system solve in KanesMethod.rhs() PR #10965
  • (Open) Docstring cleanup of physics/mechanics/ PR #11416
  • (Open) [WIP] Created a basis on which to discuss EOM class PR #353


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