GSoC Week 7

08 Jul 2016

This week the focus was on the support code for the featherstone method. I finished adding examples to the docstrings of every function I made. I then wrote up test code for all of the new functions primarily focusing on expected outputs but included some expected error messages for one of the functions. Lastly I have coded up the functions themselves. This work can be seen in PR #11331.

I continued following the PR I reviewed last week and give suggestions as he worked on it. The PR is now in my opinion ready to be merged and is a beneficial addition to the sympy codebase.

The last thing I did this week was have a meeting about the presentation that I will be aiding in on Monday. After the meeting I have spent some time looking over my portions of the presentation and making sure I am prepared to speak.

Future Directions

Next week is the SciPy conference were I will be aiding in PyDy’s tutorial. Also I will be meeting with my mentor in person and during our time there I suspect we will work on a variety of things from Featherstone’s articulated body method to the base class.

PR’s and Issues

  • (Open) Added docstrings to PR #11333
  • (Open) [WIP] Featherstones EOM support PR #11331


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